New York Green Cleaners Dry Cleaning

About Our Dry Cleaners:

1. No hidden charges. Many dry cleaners will advertise one price, and then charge you much more in the form of “upcharges”. A dry cleaner may advertise one price for an item, and then add additional charges for things like materials of construction, belts, special pressing (e.g., no crease) and even brand of clothing! The list of potential “upcharges” is limited only by the Cleaner's imagination. Use a cleaner that has no hidden upcharges.

2. No extra charge for women’s clothing. Many cleaners charge more for women’s clothing. Use a cleaner that charges similar prices for men’s and women’s clothing.

3. Fresh solvent for whites. If new or freshly distilled solvent is not used for cleaning your whites, they will come out gray or dingy-looking. Use a cleaner that only uses fresh or freshly distilled solvent to clean your whites.

4. Pretreating shirt and blouse collars and cuffs. We’ve all heard of “ring around the collar.” Unfortunately, many cleaners do not pretreat your shirt/blouse collars and cuffs to remove skin oils and dirt that cause this. Choose a cleaner that pretreats collars and cuffs.

5. Clean until it is clean. Many cleaners will clean and spot your clothing once or twice before giving up on a spot or stain and placing a "Sorry" tag on your item. Choose a cleaner that will continue to spot treat and clean your garment… until it is clean. Often, full removal of the toughest stain takes 3 or more spot treat/clean cycles!

6. Press quality is critical. Pressing is a craft; a professional presser is a highly skilled craftsperson with many years’ experience and the best cleaners hire and retain the best pressers possible. Common press issues include multiple crease lines, excessive pressing causing pocket impressions and “shiny” areas on garments. Poor pressing damages the finish of garments, sometimes permanently. Use a cleaner who employs the finest pressers possible.

7. Cleaning is chemistry. Many dry cleaners use combinations of chemicals and techniques that seem to constitute a “secret family recipe”; there may or may not be any science behind it. In fact, the chemistry of stain removal is well known… there are wet and dry stains, and the pH of the stain is critical to determining how it should be removed. Some stains require both wet and dry cleaning. Choose a dry cleaner that understands and can explain the chemistry behind stain removal, and who can provide both wet cleaning and dry cleaning services.

8. Ready to wear. Retrieving a prized garment from your closet to wear, only to discover that it is missing a button, or has a broken belt loop, hole in the pocket, etc... is annoying. Choose a dry cleaner that will provide free repairs for minor issues such as these when pointed out to them.

9. Sometimes, things go wrong. Every once in a while you can expect that an item will be lost, damaged during cleaning or become otherwise unsuitable for use. Many dry cleaners do not carry appropriate insurance and may not have a firm policy for setting claims. Many will not offer replacement cost at all! The best dry cleaners carry “Bailee’s” insurance for such occurrences, have solid policies for settling claims and will be happy to offer a combination of options including cash and store credit for full replacement value. Choose a dry cleaner that carries Bailee’s insurance, and settles claims promptly for full replacement value.

10. Eco-Friendly. 85% of dry cleaners use Perchloroethylene (“Perc”) to clean your clothes. Perc is highly toxic, probably carcinogenic to humans and can be passed from a mother to fetus and babies via breast milk. The safest alternative solvent for dry cleaning is Hydrocarbon “organic” solvent. WE USE HYDROCARBON SOLVENT! Choose an organic dry cleaners like us!

At New York Dry Cleaners, all charges are known up front and no hidden “upcharges” exist. Women’s and Men’s clothing prices are the same or very similar. We always use fresh solvent for white clothing, pretreat collars and cuffs, and spot treat/clean as often as necessary to fully and completely clean your item. Our pressers are true craftspeople with years of experience to deliver the finest finish possible. Please point out minor repairs to us, so that we can ensure your clothes are ready to wear when you need them – this is part of our garment care service to you. If we make a mistake, we will admit it; and we will make it right with you by offering a combination of cash reimbursement in accordance with the Fair Claims Guide For Textiles, ANSI/IFI and store credit to replacement value. Our Owner and Manager/Master Cleaner both have extensive experience in the chemical and textiles industries. We understand the chemistry of cleaning and are committed to bringing you the best possible results. Our cleaning quality and stain removal capabilities are unmatched..